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Water Damage

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Water damage is where water attacks material and destroys it by rotting, rusting among other kind of damages. Water damage can lead to loss of property. The only recognized water damage covered by most insurance companies is damage by flood. Water damage can be caused by bad weather such as the rain, flood and snow.

Some factors that cause water damage include:

  • Broken pipes
  • Moisture behind walls
  • Broken hose of the dishwasher
  • Clogged toilet
  • Overflow of a washing machine
  • Leaking roof

Categories of water damage

Water damage is classified in different categories according to the type of water and the level of damage caused.

  • The first category involves the damage posed by clean water but this does not necessary cause a threat to humans in any way. This category involves malfunctions of the water supply lines/pipes, overflows in sinks or tubs, broken water supply. This damage can be referred to as ‘clean water’ damage. This affects only a room with little wetness.

  • The second category of water damage involves water that contains a level of water contaminants which can be harmful for human or animal consumption. The contaminants can be physical, biological or even chemical. The water damage caused can range from sickness or discomfort as a result of exposure to these contaminated water. This water carries micro organisms which can be water seeping from drainages; sink or tub, dish washers or toilet bowls with urine. This damage is known as ‘grey water’ damage. This damage can be on the entire room and might affect wood or concrete.

  • The third category involves water which is from a contaminated water source. The water is contaminated by harmful bacteria, unsanitary agents and fungus. This water can be from a sewage, standing/stagnant water or sea water. If water in the second category is left stagnant for long it can be classified to the third category. This damage is known as ‘black water’ damage. This can mean damage on walls, ceiling and even an entire are can be saturated.

We have been taking care of water damage throughout Southern California and the following cities: Los Angeles County and branching out to North Orange County, part of San Bernardino/Riverside counties, and even South Ventura County.