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The Things You Should Be Looking For When You Are Buying a Home. Plumbing Issues? Leaks?

Posted by on June 17, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off

Home For Sale wide 300x201 The Things You Should Be Looking For When You Are Buying a Home. Plumbing Issues? Leaks?

Before you say yes to your dream house make sure the experience doesn’t turn into a nightmare by not covering your bases. The journey to home-ownership is an exciting one with a big payoff, but don’t let the thrill cloud your judgment when it comes to being practical and thoroughly investigating the home from the inside out. Often, buyers know the instant they step foot into a home that it’s the right fit for them, but first glances can be deceiving. It’s easy to get mesmerized by freshly painted walls, but try focusing on the homes foundation first.

How can you tell if there are plumbing issues or hidden leaks? Entrusting the good faith of people isn’t always in your best interest; you have to do the leg work. Sellers may not be so forthcoming when it comes to possible issues with their property. Also, home inspectors can brush aside surface cracks, so do your due diligence and team up with Waterworks 911 who specializes in leak detection and can seek out the structure for any potential hazards.

So you fell in love with a white picket fence and made one of life’s monumental commitments on an older home. Within a few weeks of moving in you discover the plumbing is in poor condition. Since you’re the new, proud owner you’ll most likely be the one left holding a bag of repairs. Considering the outside scope of us average consumers, it pays to hire experts to help us through the home buying process. Before you sign on the dotted line get with Waterworks 911 to examine the plumbing and look for any evidence of leaks.

Need a trustworthy company for your plumbing issues and leaks? Look no further. We are proudly serving Southern California with both residential and commercial properties including: Los Angeles County and branching out to North Orange County, part of San Bernardino/Riverside counties, and even South Ventura County.