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Plumbing Repair Guide

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WaterWorks Banner3.1 Plumbing Repair Guide

Some plumbing repairs are easy and safe enough to DIY, and others require professional experience and tools. This Waterworks 911 guide covers the most common plumbing emergencies and identifies whether homeowners can do it themselves, when they should call a professional, and what they can do to mitigate the problem until the professional arrives.

Clogged Drain – DIY

The most common drain clogs are hair mixed with other gunk. Before you reach for liquid drain cleaners or call a professional you can try to:

  • Clear the clog with a straightened wire clothes hanger. Stick the wire a few inches past the drain stopper and swirl it around, then slowly pull it out. Even if you pull up the clog on the first try you should repeat a few times.
  • Instead of drain cleaner try baking soda and vinegar followed immediately by very hot water.

Broken Flusher/Running Toilet – DIY

It is incredibly common for a toilet handle or its internal arm and chain to break or not seal properly. If a toilet is constantly running the stopper valve is the most likely culprit. It is also one of the easiest plumbing problems to fix.

  • Take the lid off the back of the toilet and examine which part is broken; the handle, the arm, the chain, or the rubber stopper.
  • They may simply need to be reconnected or adjusted, but if they are broken these pieces can be purchased at any hardware store.
  • It’s time to call a professional when you have replaced all the pieces and adjusted the float apparatus and the toilet still will not flush or the water is still running.

Overflowing Toilet – Professional

A toilet could be overflowing for a number of reasons. A professional is necessary to repair the plumbing. To mitigate the problem until help arrives:

  • Turn off the water to the toilet. This is done with the water cutoff valve which is usually located behind the toilet.

Drippy Faucet – Professional

A drippy faucet is not only annoying to listen to in the middle of the night, but can become quite costly. Though it is possible to repair yourself, this job requires a water-tight seal that is much easier to achieve with professional tools and experience.

Leaky Pipes – Professional

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The most common place for a pipe to leak is at the U-joint. Though this is relatively easy to repair it does require professional tools and experience to be done right. You can mitigate the water damage until the U-joint can be completely repaired by:

  • Finding the exact source of the leak by rubbing a little liquid soap over the pipe to find where it makes bubbles.
  • Cover the leak with leak tape. You can find this at a hardware store. The pipe should be cleaned and dried as best as possible first.

Always Call a Professional For:

  • Sewer line or septic tank leaks
  • Water heater problems
  • New construction or the installation of new pipes, sinks, or tubs

Waterworks 911 is on call 24/7 for all your professional plumbing repair needs and water emergencies. We can also come to your home or business to perform plumbing maintenance which includes:

  • Garbage disposal cleaning
  • General water heater inspection and maintenance
  • Leak, flow rate, and pressure testing
  • Water pressure adjustments

We are proudly serving Southern California with both residential and commercial properties including: Los Angeles County and branching out to North Orange County, part of San Bernardino/Riverside counties, and even South Ventura County for all your plumbing repair needs.