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Is Your Home Earthquake Proof?

Posted by on November 3, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off

earthquake proof home 300x229 Is Your Home Earthquake Proof?Living in California means earthquakes can happen at any time without warning. The shift in the ground from the quake can cause damage to home as well as startle people!

Preparing  your  home for Earthquakes starts from taking a serious look at your house. There are a few things that you can do in preparation to avoid any damage to your home and property.

SECURE WATER HEATER: Secure your water heater and other appliances that can move and cause damage.  It’s also a good idea to ensure that all heavy and tall furniture are anchored to the wall or floor to prevent them from turning over.

EARLY WATER  LEAK DETECTION: Tighten up your plumbing appliances to avoid leakage, this  has to be done especially for the appliances that are directly connected to a gas pipe. Don’t forget to install earthquake valves. See that all homes appliance and equipment that are connected to a gas pipe has pliable tubing.  Remember, if you have a puncture with your plumbing call for an emergency visit.

PROPER STORAGE OF HAZARDOUS LIQUIDS: Keep all flammable and hazardous liquids like paints, pest sprays and cleaning products secured in cabinets or low shelves.  Certain chemicals like liquid gas can cause a fire if spilled.

REINFORCEMENT: Properly reinforcement the  foundation, floors, walls as well as the  roof   by securing the contents of your house. Improving the ability to withstand the  lateral and vertical forces is also a good way to reinforce your house. Some of these steps can be done by yourself while others may involve expertise professional skills such as contractors, qualified engineers and professional structural engineers that will provide better ideas and options for necessary improvement.

There also some basic things to be considered such as safely hanging pictures and mirrors to the wall. You can add child proof catches for cabinet doors and rails for display cases.

Because we never know when an earthquake is going to strike, it’s important to always be prepared. Not only do you need an earthquake kit, but your home should be well secured!

Remember, if your home is secured and an earthquake hits you can come into a lot of problems! Thankfully, Waterworks911 is here to take care of your emergency needs in Southern California including Pasadena, Alta Dena, Greater Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura and Orange County!