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How to Handle Water Damage in Pasadena

Posted by on June 30, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off

allendale nj water damage drying equipment 976 300x225 How to Handle Water Damage in Pasadena

What Qualifies as Water Damage?

Water damage is, as the name implies, damage that is resulting from unwanted water. This damage can come in many forms, ranging from mold to damaged homes and possessions. In an area like Pasadena, where there is low risk of flooding, rain does not occur in high enough quantities to cause a lot of damage but the main issues with water damage stems from old houses and leaky pipes. When a pipe or a water fixture begins to get old, it will (obviously) begin to wear. Once worn, pipes may begin to get micro-fractures which can lead to bigger problems down the road. Water that has made its way into the home can wreak havoc. Household possessions can very easily be damaged. If water gets into the walls it can cause structural problems in addition to increasing the likelihood of mold and waterborne bacteria.

What are Some Quick Water Damage Solutions?

There are a number of quick solutions to water damage. Given the fact that most of the water damage problems in Pasadena stem from leaky or damaged pipes in old houses, there are some solutions that are going to be better in that area. A good company should be able to handle all of the issues that can come along with water damage.

That means that a good company can:

  • Identify the problem – Initially finding the problem is most important.
  • Fix the problem – The second priority should be stopping any more water from coming in.
  • Remove the water – Usually through a combination of pumps, dryers, and vacuum extraction.
  • Repair any damage – Depending on exactly what the damage is.

Finding a good general contractor can be difficult given the amount of fly-by-night companies that are around. For water damage in Pasadena it’s important to find a company that has received both good online reviews and has a track record of good service, like Waterworks 911. Water damage in Pasadena is not an issue when you work with waterworks911.