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Choosing the Best Mold Removal Services in Altadena

Posted by on August 12, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off

The Basics of Mold Removal

Mold services Altadena, mold primarily grows in cases of excess moisture in areas of the home. This can include areas between the walls, in bathrooms, in kitchens, and in any areas that become flooded. Traditionally, mold has not been treated as though it were a threat to the health of the occupants of a home. This is not the case. Mold spores can cause health problems in animals, adults and young children. Particularly in the respiratory tract as mold spores are released into the air.

Mold removal starts with identifying the source of moisture allowing the mold to grow and stopping it. Following that, the remediation must begin. This begins with application of biocides and fungicides. Generally, this is not enough. The bacteria will still remain and can cause problems even when killed. Removal of the mold through scrubbing or outright destruction of the infected materials is often required. This can lead to carpet and drywall replacement in areas which cannot be thoroughly cleaned. Steam cleaning can sometimes be enough to completely remove the mold from carpeting, but drywall and wood are another story, particularly when located in spaces between walls.

Finding the Best Most Removal Service

So this brings up the question: How does one find the best mold removal service. This is not something that can be determined easily like other jobs such as painters or landscapers. Mold removal is a very specialized industry and it is important to find a company that is able to both do the job and do it correctly the first time. In Altadena, Environmental 911 provides high quality and specialized mold removal services at an affordable price. The risks associated with mold are too big to ignore, and contracting a quality company is paramount.

For all your mold removal needs we are proudly serving Southern California with both residential and commercial properties including: Los Angeles County and branching out to North Orange County, part of San Bernardino/Riverside counties, and even South Ventura County.