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Bathroom Remodeling in Calabasas

Posted by on November 10, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off

The bathroom is the most essential room in the house. You want your bathroom to look nice and you want your bathroom to be running in the way that it was built to function. Nobody wants to have drab fixtures or old looking pipes sticking out of their walls. And one thing that people really want to avoid is having water leaking from somewhere in their bathroom. Bathroom remodeling can provide a sure fire way to fix both issues.

There are two main reasons that a person would want to remodel their bathroom, and both have their own individual benefits:

  • Damage – Leaking pipes will cause water damage to your home which can lead to a whole slew of other problems. This is a repair rather than a remodel, but it is important to mention. If a pipe bursts, you might as well go ahead and have the piping all redone which will usually result in the need for a remodel regardless of the circumstance. Even a simple leak can result in a need for entirely new pipes (which will be cheaper than a small fix and waiting for a future leak anyway).
  • Decor – Wanting a change in the bathroom is one of the biggest reasons that a person would decide to get their bathroom remodeled. This is going to include things such as changing out fixtures in the bathroom (toilet, shower, bath, lights, etc.) or changing the decoration on the walls or floor. This is simple and, while you are at it, you can often go ahead and have new pipes installed or repair old pipes that may be damaged or leaking (or simply worn down).

With regard to the destruction that can be caused by water damage, leaks can cause a variety of issues. Mold and fungus can cause health problems in people who are exposed. Since bacteria tends to grow in moist environments as do cockroaches and other nasty insect, it’s best to get some professional help.

Beyond the obvious, structural damage can also occur. If leaks are occurring within the walls of the home, the possibility of loss to both the walls and the supporting structures of the house itself must be taken into account. If the water reaches an area where there is live electric current (such as around outlets in the walls), there is the possibility of fire.

Finding a company to do a bathroom remodel can be a little time consuming, especially when it comes to narrowing it down. Asking friends and family for recommendations can be a good place to start. You want to look for a company with good reviews from other consumers, has a good reputation in the market (and with the Better Business Bureau, if possible), and has been in business for a good amount of time. In Calabasas, one of the best companies is They can provide estimates for a variety of services, including completely re-piping bathrooms and flood cleanup.

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